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A is for Addictions - including my Experiences with Alfa Romeos

Veloce Style (whatever that may be, but it involves cars)
GTVeloce116 - A selection of Alfa Romeos, especially Tipo 116
Addicted2Wheels - bike wheels this time

B is for bicycles - my Experiences with Bikes and Bike racing

Bicycle racing at addicted2wheels
Bicycle racing 101 and for beginners
Dopage Du Jour - the dopey flip side of sport

And B is also for Business Blogging

The Definitive Spiel - business blog
The Original Spiel - more business blogging, don't know quite why.

C is for a Collection of Opinionated Words

Well Offline Blog - a personal opinion blog, please don't be offended
Mythoblogia - myths, legends, fact and fiction - who can tell?

And C is also for Cameras

Photavions - pics of planes, old and new
Mostly Digital - images, images, images
My camera blog and shop

And C is also for Central Coast

Central Coast PC Help - jargon-free PC help at your place

F is for the Fortianista.com site, a Caring and Sharing thing

The Fort Street Class of 75 reunites online.

S is for my Experience of Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney, Australia - mostly from the late 60s onwards, a recollection

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